Sexy blond woman of a young age that appears to be free with a sharp tongue and a deadly spell as needed.


8th Level Witch
Str: 11
Int: 18
Wis: 16
Dex: 17
Con: 15
Cha: 12
Com: 14
Luck: 9
Per: 12

Max HP: 35
ThO: 17

Will Points: 70
PSP: 104

Immunity to Longsword & Shortsword damage
White Witch: Detect Hostile intent toward Witch, +2 WP per Level.
Sacred Knife: (focus of will, +1 CL spell through knife)(Can store up to 2 times CL WP in Knife)

XP, Saves, and HD as Wizard, Thaco of Thief. Weapons Prof: Wizard+2 (small weapon player’s choice)
No Armor allowed/ Only Buckler allowed.
Spells allowed from any class (Cleric, Mage, Wujen, etc)
Cast spells per Willpoints (WP), Bonus WP for high INT.
Psioics Powers (Clairscencient Devotions only)(Tower of Iron Will)
Circles, Runes, Wardings, Symbols, and Alchemy skills

Magic Items Carrying:
Ring of Protection 2
Sacred Knife
Wand of Lightning (7 chrgs)
Wand of Polymorphing (2 chrgs)
Wand of Summoning (8 chrgs)
Wand of Wonder (10 chrgs)
Ring of Telekinesis, 200 lbs MAX
Potion, Extra Healing
Phase spider essence (enough to make 2 potions of blink)
Metal Staff (Rod Iron)
2 Hit transfers Will Points from target to Witch (1d6+2)
Runes Worn: Demon Bane, All Seeing

Lvl 1
Detect Magic, Armor, Cure Light Wounds, Magic Missile, Warlock Fire, Steal Will, Protection from Evil, Shocking Grasp, Identify, Mount
Lvl 2
Mirror Image, Invisibility, Resist Fire/Cold, Stinking Cloud, Silence 15’ Radius, Infratorch, Strength, Cure Moderate Wounds
Lvl 3
Manyjaws, Leomund’s Tiny Hut, Fly, Skeletal Hand, Protection from Fire (Cleric), Fireball, Item
Lvl 4
Acid Bolt, Cure Serious Wounds, Wall of Fire (Wizard)
Lvl 5
True Seeing, Cloudkill



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