Party Dead and Booty

The Loot and Mayhem!


XP Awards
Does not include any % bonus for Stats/Class or for Single Class or Human

Adventure Goals XP Each
Killed The Doppelganger!! TBD
Made it to the Portal TBD
Found Pussywillows TBD


Greater Doppelganger X1
Sadists(L10) X5
Demonologist (L10) x1
Horned Devil x1


Coins ( number below is already divided into shares)

Jibbs (CP): 4250
Crowns (SP): 2175
Twins (EP): 106
Scepters (GP): 500
Marks (PP): 150


Medium Aquamarine 150gp
Small Sardonyx 100gp
very small black opal 2000gp
Large Blue Quartz 5gp
Small Chrysoberyl 140gp
Large Sapphire 1400gp
Very Large Amethyst 1000gp mounted
Oval Cut Very Large Zircon 70gp
Heart Cut Huge Star Rose Quartz 55gp
Oval Cut Huge Emerald 7500gp
Briolette Large Aquamarine 500gp
Princess Cut Very Large Jade 50gp
Baguette Huge Black Sapphire 5000gp
Heart Cut Very Large Blue Quartz 13gp
Oval Cut Very Large Moonstone 100gp
Heart Cut Very Small Coral* 600gp
Antique Cushion Very Large Moss Agate 10gp
Square Cut Huge Topaz 120gp
Antique Cushion Very Small Black Opal 5500gp
Heart Cut Huge Alexandrite 350gp
Briolette Very Large Smoky Quartz 70gp
Trilliant Cut Medium Aquamarine 500gp
Oval Cut Large Emerald 1000gp (mounted)
Briolette Huge Diamond 2000gp
Octagon Cut Huge Topaz 120gp
Pear Cut Large Coral* 650gp
Briolette Huge Turquoise* 15gp
Emerald Cut Very Small Rhodochrosite*- 5gp
Emerald Cut Huge Ruby 2000gp-
Round Cabochon Medium Topaz- 800gp
Round Brilliant Cut Huge Aquamarine- 100gp
Square Cut Small Moonstone- 30gp
Pear Cut Very Small Hematite- 15gp
Emerald Cut Large Amber- 500gp
Uncut Huge Topaz- 750gp
Marquise Cut Very Large Chrysoberyl- 130gp
Emerald Cut Huge Bloodstone*- 80gp
Uncut Huge Turquoise*- 10gp
Round Brilliant Cut Very Large Ruby 1300gp-
Round Cabochon Large Coral* 1000gp-
Pear Cut Large Star Ruby 5000gp-
small round emerald 50 gp
small round emerald 50 gp
small pearl 50 gp
square emerald 100 gp

Magical Items: (Item, taken by, date)

ring of invisibility Fahod
wand- looks tie-dyed-Delterria
halberd “Shorty” on the bladeAhrima Returned to Ongo
Ring with hand pattern on it – TK 250lbs Delterria
Broadsword+1, ’+3 vs lycanthropes or shapechangers Ahrima
Longsword – DancingChargrin Darkflame
Scimitar of Fire (+ 1d6 fire damage)Delterria
Fine Elven Chain +1Xavi
Cloak of Protection +1Xavi
crossbow with wheel-crossbow with wheel (grappling)-Xavi
pair of metal boots – dented, as if kicked solid stone pair of metal boots (boots of the juggernaut)Flint Torunn II.
bubbling red potion- Fire Giant Str-Xavi
deep blue potions - potion of extra healing-Xavi
deep blue potions - potion of extra healing-Delterria
deep blue potions - potion of extra healing-Ahrima
wispy colored potion- potion of gaseous form-Razor
Robe with some strange patches on it- Robe of useful items -Razor
irridescent wand (smooth)- WOW; 1d12 ch-Delterria
gnarled oak wand (stick figures drawn all over it)- wand of conjuration 1d12 ch-Delterria
solid looking quarter staff- Qstaff+2, binding ( adjusted 20+ target is entangled unless sv vs paralysis)-Ahrima
Finely crafted dagger Dagger of Throwing +2 -Fahod
Splintmail-Splintmail +1-Flint Torunn II.


Party Dead and Booty

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