During the Age of Power, the Avatars would take into apprenticeship various individuals or beings to either assist them or act as messengers between individuals. They called them ‘Aspects’ and imparted them with some form of their power. One might think of the human Aspects as a disciple, though it is noted that not all Aspects would further their study of the various power. Many Aspects could only be used once. IE- An elemental summoned forth to deliver a message.

Aspects, if not an actual apprentice, could also be any nature of beast to convey a message or function as the Avatar’s eyes and ears: The elemental branches obviously used all manner of elemental. Nature sometimes were able to tap teh sentience of plants, and speak with all manner of beasts. Death used Ravens – if they did not send a Death Warden or one of the Death Watch. Life tended to use Doves. War tended to Hounds or Hawks. Fate used Spiders or various Raptors, with the Nighthawk being the most popular. Time used the silvery Time Elementals, and Sciences tended toward Machinae. Aspects of Law tended to be amazingly pristine in their appearance while Chaos tended to be an Imp, Quasit, or other minor Shar that had managed to be brought forth.

Others were certainly possible, as it was up to the individual Avatar as to the form of the Aspect depending on the task at hand.

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