It was during the Age of Power that those who populated the world began to understand the energies that settled around them during the Age of Sanity. Various Yanatir and Shar, among other races and creatures, delved deep into the study of them as their curiosities continued. Over time, various experts emerged, extremely knowledgeable of the certain physical characteristics of energies they had chosen to investigate and study further. These experts in each division of magic were considered the very first Avatars, and as if by decree, power of the likeness to their study flowed into them. Even after the great divide, The Yanatir and Shar passed their teachings to Lesser Disciples, creating a new wave of Avatars.

Each physicality of magic, or energy type, corresponded to a different color. The races of man also gave the Avatars various titles, and a few of the initiate levels are listed here:

  1. Life – White – Priest/Healer
  2. Death – Black – Necromancer/ Necrologist (Death Warden)
  3. Elemental – Brown with color(s) defining element(s) – Elementalist
    1. Fire – Brown/Red (Pyromancer)
    2. Earth – Brown/Gray (Geomancer)
    3. Water – Brown/Blue (Aquamancer)
    4. Air- Brown/White (Stratomancer)
    5. Nature – Brown/Green (Druid)
  4. Time – Silver – Chronomancer
  5. Space – Yellow – Conjurer
  6. Mind – Blue – Illusionist
  7. Spirit – Gold – Diviner
  8. Law – Green – Judicator, Negotiator
  9. Chaos- Red- Entropist
  10. Science- Gray- Scientist
    1. Alchemy- Grey/Gold- Alchemist
    2. Mechanical- Gray/Black- Engineer

Also during this time the Avatars would take into apprenticeship various individuals or beings to either assist them or act as messengers between individuals. They called them ‘Aspects’ and imparted them with some form of their power. See Aspects for further details.

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