Common Coins

The coins of the realm are as follows:

Jibb (CP) Copper – The origin of this name is not known
Crowns (SP) Silver – It is thought that the 3 tipped Crown that appears on each is a reference to the 3 main kingdoms of men; Dwarf, Elf and Man.
Twins (EP) Electrum – given the ratio of 2 Twins to a Scepter, the name seems to be obvious.
Sceps or Scepters (GP) Gold – named for the stamp of a kings scepter on one side and the other is free for the kingdom to stamp what they want on it.
Marks (PP) Platinum – Thought to be named due to the scarcity of them and high value and the fact that thieves sometimes ‘mark’ targets that carry many of these.

Conversions from 1 coin to another is as follows:
100 Jibbs = 10 Crowns = 2 Twins = 1 Scep = 1/5 Mark
1 Mark = 5 Sceps = 10 Twins = 50 Crowns = 500 Jibbs

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Common Coins

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