Darkrift and Shar’Hadat

Darkrift is the place most synonymous with evil, and many groups set watch to be sure none of it spills out into the realms without an oportunity to act. The City itself is innocent enough, albiet cold, and normal trade occurs across many of the more common guilds. Some think the place is cold due to the black basalt and obsidian used throughout the entire city- since most of the buildings are made if it. Others feel its from the mistrusting attitude and general cold-shoulder of the populace towards those not obviously living there. The city is ruled by Zentao Shadici, an enigmatic solitary man who declared himself King. Challengers to his declaired authority seem to meet with unfortunate accidents. Many of the darker guilds exist in some form or other, and the city is even rumored to be the operational base of “The Dark”. No confirmation of this has been obtained and those trying to determine this seem to die before reports can be given.

However unwelcoming the City of Darkrift seems to be is pale in comaparason to what lay beneath it.

Shar’Hadat means ’Demon’s Stronghold’ in the old high tongue, and the undercity below Darkrift still remains, luckily mostly devoid of the Demon’s precense from the last great war. Adventurers heading here report a cold within the blackness of the underground city like they’ve never experienced, and it is not advised for anyone to roam the dark streets below. There have been reports from a few scouts that shadows of evil still linger, with undead roaming at their leasure within the city streets, a shadow dragon, and at least two unconfirmed reports of true demons lurking about.(albeit standard demons, and not Shar) Any adventurer brave enough to seek fortune there, if any remains, should bring Divine help in whatever form they can find.

Shar’hadat can be accessed by the Onyx Stairs- a set of black onyx stairs, decending into the depths near the center of Darkrift, laying nearly a city block wide. Guards watch the stairs, but more for dangerous creatures that might decide to wander out, than for those foolish enough to enter.

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