As the Yanatir and Shar on the Prime Plane studied the forced calmed during the Age of Sanity, they began to notice other various forms of energy. Many Yanatir and Shar explored this different form of energy, calling them ‘Emotions’ and it was said that the Gods used much of this new energy when creating the races of man.

Even before the great divide however, the energies of emotion existed and as the Avatars were the manifestation of the various flows of magic, Embodiments became the manifestation of the forces of complex raw emotion and state of being: Love, Hate, Joy, Melancholy, Surprise, Anticipation, Fear, Courage, Anger, Awe, Compassion, Rage… the list was seemingly endless and each had a good deal of power- especially once the races of man came forth. Very few Embodiments lingered on the Prime plane once the Great Divide occurred, though certainly the forces of emotion continue to be studied by many even in the current age.

There were also those that argued the Embodiments were simply a specialized version of various Aspects, but many scholars of the ages can point to places in history where the differentiation between the two is obvious. Most scholars agree that the energy and magic between Avatar and Embodiment are fundamentally different.

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