Isle of Syth

The Isle of Syth is a small island located off the northwestern coast of Draconik. By boat, it takes a few weeks journey from Gonjar Hold. The island was at one point in time home to a pirate clan nestled in the southern bay of the island. There the pirates started building a small city, using the local lizard men and any captives as slaves.
As they explored, they discovered a series of caverns high up in the few mountain peaks that graced the island. All was fine until they stumbled into the lair of the Dragonlord Drinjinn. Pirates being pirates, they made the very big mistake of stealing from his treasure hoard. When Drinjinn discovered this, his wrath was nearly insatiable, and he set out to destroy the pirates. The battle in the town was devastating and he appeared to have suffered a grievous wound landing on a massive rock a bit outside the harbor. Still formidable, the pirates pressed the fight eventually summoning the whole fleet to the island’s southern harbor to finish the dragon off, where Drinjin had landed. They had underestimated his cunning however, and now that all of the pirates had gathered on boats sailing out to the rock, he showed his wounds to be nothing more than a trick. Now that all of the pirates were gathered in one location and less mobile than on land, he unleashed his full fury proceeding to sink every boat that he saw. Once the pirates were dealt with, he set about the remains of the city in a human form, freeing the slaves from lingering pirates using the magic that was growing with him.
The freed slaves in turn rebuilt the city having nowhere else to go, proclaiming him King and even a God among the large lizardmen tribes. He has ruled there, enforcing The Balance from his throne throughout the generations. He has taken the title ‘Highlord’ but seems to be far more interested in collecting treasure as a dragon than titles as a human.

It is said that Drinjinn has actually managed to prevent fires bigger than a campfire from breaking out throughout the town, and many travelers confirm the feat cannot be done. How Drinjinn has accomplished this is a source of sage speculation.

The lizardmen of this island grow taller and seem to be stronger and quicker than other native lizardmen of the mainlands. It is unknown if the Highlord of Syth had anything to do with it.

One curious export from Syth are ‘kashrooms’ or Firecap Mushrooms. Once dried, they have a tendency to erupt into flames with a whooshing noise, and are used in spells, potions and items to bolster magical effects dealing with fire.

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Isle of Syth

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