The City of Light – Silverglow

The City of Light stands vigilant across the Bridge of Neutrality, ever watchful against the evils that lurk across the other shore. However dark and malevolent Darkrift seems and feels, Sliverglow seems to be its opposite. Folks are warm, friendly, and accomodating, though quick to report anything amiss. The city is named for the odd luminecence noticable at dusk throughout the city, likely due to the odd silverish stone most of the buildings are made from. The stone’s origins are unknown. The city is home to many groups that support good and law, and many temples and churches of various good deities can be found here as well. (Authors note- even with the city’s reputation, there is a small underground circut of crime. It’s noted to be leaderless, though sources indicate a loose cohesion of those brazen enough to stalk the streets of this holy city, where likely capture could very well be death.)

Silverglow is currently governed by the Voices of Law- a body of mostly clerics made up of the various churches and guilds throughout the city- The Speaker is elected and is titled with ‘his/her Emminence’. Current Speaker of the Voices of Law is known to be Yurik Zhou’Guan- a purported Cleric of of Shang-Ti

Of noted interest is the fact the Hunters Guild has a major base of operation within Silverglow- known to be called ‘The Hammers Of Justice’, and is made mostly of the Brotherhood of the Hammer. They seem to be unique as a hunter guild in that they allow chosen non-hunters guild membership, though this is not known to be honored other than loosely among the Hammers. It is not clearly understood how these members are chosen, or indoctrinated.

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