The Dragons of Syth

The Dragons of Syth refer to two beings of tremendous power: Drinjin Penndragon and Organa Penndragon.

Authors Note; Drinjin origianlly did not have a surname, and only when pressured by the denizen of the new city did he and his brother take the name ‘Penndragon’. Fitting since the ‘Penn’ prefixual means ‘Of The’ in Dragonish.

Drinjin is the Highlord and ruler of the Island of Syth, after freeing them from marauding Pirates. He appears as a very tall and muscular human, though is not by any stretch of the means. Drinjin is what is known as a Dragonlord – A being with the blood of both Dragon and the races of Man; possible through the very forces of magic itself. His hair is dark – and jet black, save a streak of blood red along the the right side. His eyes appear serpentine, and are red in color.

A sage once questioned Drinjin on his origin and the only thing that he would share was that his mother was a Red Dragon, magically shapeshifted into the form of an elf, and his father was a Black Dragon, magically shapeshifted into the form of a human. It is unknown if each knew of the other’s guise though Drinjin indicates his mother likely knew exactly what she was doing. Him, and his brother were all that remained of the brood.

he is known to have been born during the Age of Gods and is likely one of the oldest creatures living on Eirth.

In his true dragon form, he appears as a enormous Red Dragon, with Jet black hair and talons. His breath seems to be a combination of Fire and Acid, though oddly he has the ability to alter it as needed. Drinjin serves as the Avatar of Magic, and as an Avatar of the Balance, and many mages, sages and scholars seek him out for advice or knowledge. It is rumored that his presence at the Ten Towers on Vana had triggered the Mage Wars, though he neither confirms nor denies the accusation. (It is unwise for those who seek the answer to ask him about this- it is known that the last few to ask were eaten.) He is known to be broody on occasion, and it is thought to be due to a balancing of all of the lineage found within him. Those seeking his council are wise to bring a gift to appease his Dragonish side. He resides in the fortress on Syth proper when not adventuring, or there are a series of caverns high in the mountains he uses as a sanctuary.
knowledge seekers are advised to wait until his return as there is no trail leading to his cavern complex. (He has been spotted flying north.)

His Brother Organa is similar in humanoid form, though is pale-skinned and his dark hair is streaked with a bone white lock. His eyes are serpentine, and jet black in color. It is unknown when Organa came to the Island, and it is surmised that Drinjin brought him here to assist with building the city once the pirates were dealt with. As Drinjin is the Avatar of Magic, Organa is heavily involved with the study of death, and is considered to be a reputable source of information on the subject second to only to the Avatar of Death, and the Yanatir, Vilnius Tekken’Dar. (Also known as Vile Blackheart) As Drinjin is content to rule the island, Organa owns a series of unique taverns across the realm, and the biggest one is on Syth. “Dead’s End” is a place where the undead tend to serve of their own will, and signs denote those individuals attempting to subvert, dispel, or otherwise harm the staff are subject to being eaten. When asked by the Scholar Surdik Dal’Mar about his choice of staff, Organa responded with a simple explanation of the misconceptions of necromancy: “Necromancy itself is not evil unless the intent is to cause harm to the spirit itself. I offer a purpose for those Undead that have found a way back of their own volition, or been brought back and cannot find peace for one reason or the other.”

Organa appears as a giant Black Dragon with red serpentine eyes, though he seems to have been granted a skeletal dragonish form as well.

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The Dragons of Syth

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