The Great Swamp

The Great Swamp
The Great Swamp, also called The Dragon’s Swamp, contrary to popular belief, is not a natural formation. It was created by Drinjin, the Dragon of Syth, as a final strike to the Shar some thousand years ago during the last Great War. Many different tales exist as to how it came about, and Drinjin typically does not talk about it for reasons of his own. (Note- if you ask him about it, be sure he’s in human form. The last few scribes to inquire when he was in his Dragon form were eaten.) We do know that as the Shar over ran the City of the Divine as they left this world, Drinjin summoned massive amounts of water- Some Sages aregue he opened a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water itself, but he does not confirm or deny. The flood he brought about destroyed the marauding Shar, but left a swamp miles in every direction, also destroying what remained of Yanatir’Galat.

The Ruins of Yanatir’Galat
Yanatir’Galat, the one fabled city of the Divine, sits overlooking the coast on the eastern side of the Great Swamp. It’s tall towers can be seen from the sea on clear days as far as a few miles out.

Once a proud city where the Yanatir (Angels, or Solars, to most folks) and even some of the gods dwelt, it was destroyed when, for reasons of their own knowing, they decided it best to leave this world. Its destruction was hastened by their ancient enemy; the Shar — attacking them as they withdrew, and some wonder if the withdrawal was calculated to draw the Shar out into the open to end the war.

For, as the demon host decended upon and swarmed over the shining city, the Dragon of Syth, flying overhead, flooded the entire region with enough water to be sure that no Shar survived. (writer’s note: Shar cannot swim and actually fear water according to the Dragon of Syth) The buildings of the once proud city eventually resurfaced as the water receeded, though the water never withdrew completely, leaving the Great Swamp as a guardian around it.

It’s also suggested that given the haste of the Divine to withdraw through magical portals to wherever they now are, many items of power exist,- some even from the Age of Magic or earlier— waiting to be rediscovered. It is rumored that spirits of angels and demons, both good and evil, haunt the buildings there as if the war they fought never really ended, and those treasure hunters that return alive form its depths come back with tales barely believable. Use caution if brave enough to adventure within it. Consider taking a trip to Syth to inquire of the layout should one wish to go there.

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The Great Swamp

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