The Living Fortress

The Living Fortress
The Living Fortress exists mostly underground, at varying depths in the Talonfang mountains. Its main gate is reachable by road, some months south of Vladan Keep. The name given to the Living Fortress may seem odd, however it is named for the odd properties of the stone it has made from. (See below)

Current residents are mostly dwarves, who live in distinct clans, and organized into areas known as Burrows. Most of the dwarves there tend the mines of flowstone- the substance the Fortress is made from.

Some notes about Flowstone:
It tends to be gray, though other shades from tan to blue to the deepest of black have been noted. It is nearly as hard as granite but has a unique property in that somehow, it responds to strong mental thought to alter shape, and many times changes shape or even color of its own accord. Its been noted to shape itself into houses, benches, roads, statues, — nearly any physical structure that could be made from rock. Whether it is controlled by some greater power or being to have it do this, or truely living all on its own is unknown and the source of many dwarven tavern rumor. Psionicists indicate an empathic prescense throughout the entire region, though none has ever been found. The entity does not appear aggresive, but not overly friendly either, and a common dwarven saying there is ‘As the Stone Flows’ since it seems to do whatever it wants.

Flowstone can be mined, shaped, and cut as normal stone- so hallways that get suddenly closed off, or wooden doors that get ejected from buildings can simply be reopened or replaced.

The Flowstone Mines worked by the dwarves pull some quantity of flowstone out, whcih loose some, but not all, of the mallable properties, but it is not their major export. Instead pockets of raw gems discovered or given by the Fortress are the major export.

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The Living Fortress

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