The Travelers

The Travelers are not a guild in the typical sense. They are instead the gypsies of the world, constantly looking for a place to call their own among the lands. Each clan or tribe called a ‘Cartouche’ is made of a series of wagons and teams headed up by the leader typically called the Wagonmaster. There is also a Seer among them, specializing in magic for the Cartouche and both the Seer and Wagonmaster set the rules and direction the Cartouche travels. The size of the Cartouches vary from near 100, to near a thousand. All of the Cartouches are named after trees, and may split off from each other into smaller sects called Splinter as belief as to how to find a home alter- Oak, Yew, Ash, Maple are a few. Sects are also typically named after plants with some homage to the original Cartouche they splintered off from. IE- Splinters of the Maple Leaf, or Splinters of Ashen Bough. Each is a Cartouche in its own right however, regardless of name or origin. Some Splinters get absorbed into larger ones should they encounter each other and have enough similarity in belief and some individuals or smaller groups even seek each other out if the common thought is believed to align.

the current number of Cartouches is unknown but is thought to be in the dozens. They gather yearly in some random place, with the method of communication currently unknown.

One typically finds thieves, fighters, archers, and potentially some others, but pure Priests and Mages are a rarity aside the Seer and his/her disciples. Cartouches trade and are known to be shrewd negotiators. They are also minor sources of information across the lands as they move from place to place.

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The Travelers

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