The Lands of Eirth consist of 2 large continents, Draconik to the west and Mardrandor to the east, joined by the The Bridge of Neutrality at its narrowest point. Eirth is a place where good, evil and The Balance find themselves at odds often enough and is a major cause of adventurer spawning.

Both the continent of Draconik and Mardrandor are made up of a collection of Kingdoms watched over by various powers though ruled in its entirety by none. The Dragons of SythDrinjin, and his brother Organa, watch over the lands from their home on the Isle of Syth, and they meddle into the affairs of men only when the Balance starts to tip in one direction or the other. They are otherwise content to leave various kingdoms to their own business, and go about their own.

On one side of the Bridge of Neutrality stands Darkrift, and Shar’Hadat below it- the shadow’s home- A place of malevolent evil. On the opposite side of the bridge stands The City of Light- Silverglow, ever vigilant against the evil that lurks across the other shore.

Eirth is a place where magic is common, but no swifter than a slicing blade or a knife to the back. Adventurers find much in their search for fame, fortune, or whatever it is that drives them.

The current Age within the LoE timeline is the Age of Magic and it is here that adventure takes place.

Some common info, such as Calendar and Common Coins can be found within the wiki as well.

Lands of Eirth -- TTW Group

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